Call Forwarding Manually to a Cell Phone

If you want the calls to be directly forwarded to another Phone Number, you can set up call forwarding, so that when a call is incoming, it will check where the routing is set to before connecting it.

Here are the Steps to help you setup Call Forwarding Manually:

Go to Manage Phone Systems -> Manage Phone Numbers

STEP 1 : Select the Phone Number that you would like to setup Call forwarding for. Click on "Edit selected".

STEP 2 : Click on "Advanced Options" at the bottom.

STEP 3 :

  • Click on the drop down for "Call Forwarding" and select "Call Forwarding - Always".

  • Set "Call Forwarding Destination" to the phone number that you would like the calls to be forwarded to.

STEP 4 : Click on "Update".

Here is an example of how it looks after Call Forwarding is set up.

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