Call records

This section shows all the call records for all the Phone Numbers that are made or received during the day. If the call recording feature is enabled for a particular Phone Number, then you can also listen or download the recording from here.

You can click Show Advance Search to filter your search result based on various parameters like date, time and others.

You can filter the call data based on different criteria to get customized call details. Please refer to below mentioned options as different filters are explained based on marked numbers.

  1. Date & Time - Here you can select a date and time frame to filter call records.

  2. Call Cost - This option can be used if you want to filter calls by call charge.

  3. Call Status - A incoming call can be in two states connected and not connected.

  4. Phone: This the phone number from which you receive the call.

  5. Caller ID: Search call with a caller ID.

  6. Connected To: To filter call based on where it connected, VM, IVR, Extension or group.

  7. Direction: It can be incoming or outgoing.

  8. Queue: If you are using a call center then you can select queue to filter calls.

  9. Here you have option to filter call on based on following options.

    1. All Calls: Shows all the calls.

    2. Abandoned Calls: Any incoming call that was disconnected before being answered or connected to voicemail.

    3. Not Answered: Any incoming call, that is not answered and went to voicemail.

You can also download the searched result in .csv format by clicking the Download as CSV button as shown below.

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