Manage Conferences

Cebod Telecom allows you set up Conference Bridge to hold conference calls at any time or place of your choice. In this section, manage conference, create, view, edit, and delete the conferences. To create a new conference bridge, click on “Create New” and fill in the form.

  1. Conference Name: Use an easy to remember name.

  2. Conference Number: This is the conference number people will dial to join the conference.

  3. Conference PIN: All the conferences have some level of security, so that only the authorized people can join the conference. These people will use this pin to join the conference.

  4. Moderator PIN: This is for the owner of the conference. All the parties will be on hold until moderator enters the pin and join the conference.

  5. Conference Owner: Name of the user who initiates the conference.

  6. Conference Owner Email: This will be pulled from the system automatically.

  7. Assign Phone Number to Conference: If needed, you can assign a dedicated special phone number for this conference. Click on “Create” to see a new conference in the list. From this interface, you can invite other people to join the conference; the system will email the conference bridge information to all the parties. Click on “Email” button under “Action” on the right side of the conference. New Conference Invite window will pop up. Fill in the required information.

  8. Email: Type in the email addresses of the people who should be invited to join the conference.

  9. Time of the Call: Select the date and time of the call.

  10. Time zone: Specify the time zone for this conference.

  11. Subject: Type in the subject for the conference. Click on “Send Invite" to send emails to all the users.

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