Here you can see the consolidated statistics of all the ongoing calls and the calls that are placed on hold.

Add Agents:

Click on add agents to create/add a new agent to the call center. Fill in the information as shown in the image below and click on create a new agent.

Agents have Status and States. The Status is the general state of the agent. Statuses are not updated by the system automatically, so they must be set or changed as needed. States are the specific state of an agent with regard to the calls in the queue. States are dynamic and are updated by the system based on the progress of a agent in a call. The reason for separating the two is so that an agent can logout (change Status to 'Logged Out') without affecting his current call State (possibly set to 'In a queue call').

If an agent changes his status to Logged Out, any active callback attempts will be halted and the queue will try to place that caller with another agent.

Status only applies to the next call. So for example, if you change user from Available to Available (On Demand) while they are in a call, they will receive one more call when the current one finishes.

Agent State:




Does nothing, no calls are given.


Ready to receive calls.


A queue call is currently being offered to the agent.

In a queue call

Currently on a queue call.

Agent Status:



Logged Out

Cannot receive queue calls.


Ready to receive queue calls.

Available (On Demand)

State will be set to 'Idle' once the call ends (not automatically set to 'Waiting').

On Break

Still Logged in, but will not receive queue calls.

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