Navigate to the "Tools/Settings > CNAM " section.

Step 1: Select the numbers

  • Locate the numbers you want to modify and select them.

Step 2: Select "Add/Update CNAM" from Dropdown

  • From the dropdown menu, choose "Add/Update CNAM."

Step 3: Click the "Edit Selected" Button

  • After selecting the numbers, click on the "Edit Selected" button. This will lead you to a new menu.

Step 4: Choose the CNAM Option

  • In the new menu on the right-hand side, choose either 'Keep it' or 'New one' based on your preference.

Step 5: Enter CNAM Name

  • Enter the desired CNAM Name in the provided field.

Note: The name should not exceed 15 characters, including white space, and special characters are not allowed.

Step 6: Save Changes

  • Once you've entered the CNAM Name, look for a "Save" or "Apply Changes" button and click on it to save your settings.

Check the below image for reference.

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