Role: <enqueque> keyword can be used to put the called in a queue waiting to be picked up an agent. Queues are first in and first out.


  • Peak Loads: This is perfect for situations when you dont have enough people to answer the call. Caller can wait in the queue listening to music while some one pick the call. .

  • Handle Special Promotions – Running a special campaign? Too many people called in? Put them in the queue. Agents can call in to pick up calls waiting in the queue.

  • Build a Call Center: Have the caller wait in a queue while other agents are busy talking to other customers.

While there are no limitation on where <enqueue> can be used. It can be used independently or can be nested inside <dial>


At this <enqueue> does not have any attribute. We will be adding optional attributes where you can play a custom music and repeated announcement while the caller is waiting in the queue. didML must receive a alphanumeric queue name with no spaces. You can create as many queues as you want.

Here is an example of how <enqueue> is used within code.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 

The above example will dynamically create a queue names supportTeam. To pick the call from this queue, you must use the same queue name.

While You can create as many queues as you want, it is important to remember the queue name and a mechanism to pick the calls waiting in the queue.

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