Sending eFax using email

  • Log in to your Registered email account.

  • Type in the To/Recipient field where you want to send the fax in the format below.

  • For example, if you want to send the fax on the number 19492690449 then you need to type (Make sure you enter number in 11 digit format 1xxxxxxxxxx)

  • Write down the Subject which you want to show on the cover Page

  • In the email body, you can write the message.

  • Attached the document which you want to Fax out and then click on send.

Here is an example where I am using the email rohit@didforsale (which I allowed in previous step to send outgoing eFax) & the number 19494568787 for sending a fax to number 19492690449. I have attached a PDF file named as test fax document - blank.pdf in this example.

Sample Format of eFax from Email account

Avoid using long signatures or graphics in signature while sending fax from email.