Sending eFax using email

  • Log in to your Registered email account.

  • Type in the To/Recipient field where you want to send the fax in the format below.

  • For example, if you want to send the fax on the number 19492690449 from 19499300360(Your fax number) then you need to type (Make sure you enter number in 11 digit format 1xxxxxxxxxx)

  • Write down the Subject which you want to show on the cover Page

  • In the email body, you can write the message.

  • Attached the document which you want to Fax out and then click on send.

Here is an example where I am using the email (which I allowed in previous step to send outgoing eFax) & the number 19499300360 for sending a fax to number 19492690449. I have attached a PDF file named as Fax Attachment File.pdf in this example.

Avoid using long signatures or graphics in signature while sending fax from email.

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