3-Way Calling

When you are on a call, you can add more participants to the same call. This is called 3-way calling.

Adding a participant to the call:

Step 1 : First , call the first party by dialling the concerned Phone Number or Extension.

Step 2 : To add the second participant on the current call, press the Conference key on your phone system.

After you press the Conference key, dial the second party, which can be the Phone number or Extension of the person you want to add to the call and press the Dial key.

Now, the second participant is added to the call.

Step 3 : When connected with the second party, press the Conference call key again.

Now all 3 participants are connected.

Removing a participant from the conference call.

When you are on the 3-Way call, you will see a soft key option to Kick a participant off the conference, allowing you to continue the call with remaining parties.

By selecting this soft key, the screen will display a list of callers that are currently on the conference.

Select the participant that you wish to remove from the call by selecting with the arrow keys on the handset. Then select the submit softkey. This will disconnect that user from the conference and keep the remaining participants on the call.

Note: Once a conference call is disconnected by the user, it will disconnect ALL Participants.

To Split the Conference, use the Split dynamic key to put both the parties on Hold.

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