Cisco 8841

How to auto provision cisco 8841

Follow the instructions to provision Cisco 881 with Cebod Telecom.

  • Create Auto-configuration File in your Cebod Telecom Portal

    • Manage Phone System -> Manage Devices -> Create New -> Select Cisco -> CP 8841

    • Type in your Mac Address

    • This phone supports 2 lines, Select the line number you want to use. Default should be 1.

    • Select the extension you want to use for this phone.

  • Now follow the instructions to configure the phone.

This will create auto configuration file for your device. You should configure the device with 24 hours. For security purpose we delete old files so that auto crawlers dont access the information for yours extension.

If you have access to your phones via web browser you can skip reseting the phone to factory default. If you dont have admin access this step tell how to reset Cisco CP 8841 to factory reset.

Reset Cisco CP 8841 to Factory Reset.

Find the IP address of the Phone

Confiigure the phone to download the auto configuration

Login in the phone browser. Note: In our test environment, this phone can be accessed only through Mozilla Browser. Fine the IP of the phone and type in the browser.

Click on Admin ->Advanced

Click on Voice -> Provisioning

Update the URL in the Profile Rule:$MA.xml

Submit All Changes. At this time phone will reboot and you will find extension Configured on Line 1.

At this time you should be able to make and receive calls from this phone. If you change password for your extension please make sure to recreate the auto configuration file and reboot the phone.

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