Desktop SMS/MMS Application

Send and receive SMS and MMS right from your application.

This document help you setup SMS client on your Desktop. With CebodTelecom SMS service you can send and receive SMS or MMS messages right from your computer.

Requirement to Send and Receive SMS on Business Line

  • An account with CebodTelecom Business Phone Service.

  • Add phone line and purchase atleast one phone number. You can purchase the phone number by logging into your account.

  • Enable SMS service on the phone number.

  • Activating SMS

    • Login to your CebodTelecom Business Phone Service Account portal account.

    • Go to section Tools and Settings -> SMS. Select the Phone Number and Enable SMS.

  • Download SMS Client from this link

  • You will need extension web password, Company phone number and Extension number to login in SMS application. If you dont have it, as your Account Admin for that information.

Setup SMS Application.

Open the SMS Desktop Client

Enter your Extension, Web Password and Number assigned to your extension. PS: Best practice will be to assign one number for each user.

On Successful login you will be in the dashboard.

Send a New Messages. Click on Chat Icon to send a new messages. The application give you ability to send messages from multiple phone numbers. Choose the number you want to send SMS/MMS from.Type in the 11 digit number you want to send SMS to.

Chat Screen View for SMS and MMS

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