Click to Call Browser Extension

Dial directly from your CRM or web page. Download chrome or firefox extension which will convert all the phone numbers on the website into clickable numbers to dial directly from our phone system.

This is most flexible feature rich extension

  • You can enable or disable for all or a few pages on the web site or a specific website.

  • Enable the extension only for CRM or specific web portal.

  • Login and log out from the extension.

  • Disable the extension with-out logging out.

  • Verification popup to avoid accidental dialing.

  • Identifies the phone number in 10 digit and 11 digit, Starting +, spaces and dashes.

First install the extension by following the link below.

Click here to download extension for Google Chrome browser

Click here to download extension for Mozilla Firefox browser

Use extension number, company number and password to login.

Once successfully logged in, all the phone numbers in the browser will become clickable links.

Click on the button to dial out.

First it will dial your phone extension and then once you pick up the call, it will dial the phone number.

After installing this extension on the browser all the phone numbers on any web page will be highlighted with red background and you just need to click the number to initiate a call. Check images below.

Once you click any number you initiate a call you will see the below pop up. Click Make a call to start calling.

Once the call starts, you will see incoming call on you phone and status on pop up windows as Calling Successful.

You can use the click to call feature with the following and many more.

  • To call a phone number from email.

  • To call a number from any web CRM you use.

  • To call a number from any web-page.

  • To call a number from calling list

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