Dynamic Caller ID

The phone system allows you to set up a dynamic caller ID to display a local phone number to the caller when dialed.

To allow phone system to pick dynamic caller ID from your account follow these steps.

  1. Create a caller ID Group (Under tools and Settings)

  2. Add phone numbers to the group you want to use

  3. Assign the Group to User extension (Under Advanced options)

Create a Caller ID Group

Click on Add new or Edit existing groups

Add Phone numbers you want to use in this group. Click on members

Select the numbers you want to use. Use shift or control key to select multiple.

Assigning the Group to user extension

Choose the group and caller ID Strategy you want to use.

Once you select the group, you will see the another drop down called CallerID Strategy. Select the desired strategy and click on update.

  • Random NPA: This will look for number in local area code or matching NPA. If found will use that otherwise it will use random number from the list.

  • Random: This will randomly pick any number from the group.

  • NPA: It will look for local area code or NPA, if found will use that or otherwise will use company number as caller ID.

To Remove dynamic caller ID strategy, simple select None for Apply Caller ID Group.

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