Postcall Actions

Post Call events are special events that should be triggered on the completion of the call. These events can be used from Call Groups.

For example, if the call is forwarded to sales team, post call action can be triggered at the end of the call. In the post call event, you can send an email to someone at the completion of the call, or you can trigger an event for google analytics.

In this section create, edit, and delete the Post Call events. To create a new post call event, click on “Create New”, and fill in the form.

  1. Event Name: Choose an easy to remember name with no space or special character.

  2. Mail Notification: Yes or No.

  3. Email Address: Email address of the person, who should receive the email for the call. The phone system will send caller ID, caller name (if available), time of the call, duration of the call, called number, and call recording (if enabled).

  4. From Email: The person who should be sending this email.

  5. Recording: ON or Off. Some recordings can be large files. You can choose whether the recording should be sent as email or not. Remember, you can always download the recordings from the website in your account portal.

  6. Email Template: You can upload the custom email template, or use the default template from Cebod Telecom. Make sure you have their keywords just like below in the Template: CHANGECALLERID, CHANGECALLEDNUMBER, CHANGEDATE, CHANGECALLLENGTH. These keywords will be replaced with the appropriate information.

  7. Google Code: This is the analytics code that will be used to create a call event in Google analytics.

  8. Google Category: The category that should be created in analytics. Examples are Sales, Support, and Inquiry.

  9. Google Domain: Domain name the analytics code is linked to. Click on “Create PostCall Event”, and you will see the event in the list. Click on “Edit” to make any changes to this event.

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