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Get the event notification
Webhooks allow you to receive the call event like Call Initiated, Call Answered, Call Ringing and Call Hangup.

Creating a Webhook

Go to Manage Phone System -> Webhooks.
Click on Add New and fill in the details for Status Callback Method, Status Callback Event and Status Callback URL and click Create.
Create Webhook
After the Webhook is created, you need to apply the Webhook to the Phone Number. Go to Manage Phone Number and click on Edit Routing (Pencil icon). On right hand side panel, click Advance option. Scroll and select the Webhook from Select Webhook drop-down menu and click Update to save the changes.
Applying Webhook
You can get a detailed report of every call events. Go to Activities => Call Report.
Webhook Call Data
Select the call you want to review. Click on the Date and Time hyperlink of the call to see more details. (Check snapshot below). For any help or questions, contact us!
Webhook Data for All events