Users (Extensions)

In this section, you can manage and create user extensions. User extensions are real end points for the phone system where calls are received or dialed from.

You can create, delete, or edit any extensions. Search box allows you to search for the extension. To create a new extension, click on “Add New.”

Create Extension: Use this form to create new extensions, and add the following parameters.

Number: This number is used to dial from one extension to another within different departments such as sales, support, or specific employees. The extension much be unique 3-4 digit number and can’t be used again. Good practice is to start with 100 and go all the way to 9999. Some people use last 4 digits of their primary phone number. Some 3 digit extensions are reserved and can’t be used such as 911, 922, 611, and 411.

First Name: First name of the person this extension belongs to.

Last Name: Last name of the person this extension belongs to. Email: System email’s the voicemail to this email address.

Company Number: This is the number shown on phone screen/device when outbound call is made.

Call Forwarding: You can always setup call forwarding when there is no answer. If you choose to forward call, its Destination can be 11-digit US number or extension.

Failover Routing: If enabled, this will route the call to destination in failover, in case user is not registered. This is useful in case of Internet outage or power failures.

Home Phone: Optional

Work Phone: Optional

Recording: System allows the calls to be recorded. If set to “Yes”, all the calls coming to this extension will be recorded.

Advanced Options

Advanced options allow you to set pre recorded name, voicemail greeting ring timeout and setup dynamic caller ID.

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