This Admin Manual describes how to use various features of Cebod Telecom Cloud based phone system. They include getting new phone numbers and new lines, managing IVR, adding user extensions, and more.

Cebod Telecom's business phone system empowers your business with cost effective, reliable, enterprise-level voice quality, business PBX features, local and long distance calling, and Internet service with online account management.

Various phone service plans and pricing are available at no additional cost, which avoids putting financial burden on your already-tight budget.

Cebod Telecom's phone system can become operational in less than 5 minutes.

You can get phone lines with either toll free or local numbers, or both, setup greetings, extensions, IVR, and call forwarding options using our easy to use online webportal.

Your phones are automatically setup using our simple plug-and-play phone system.

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