Setting Up Whisper Announcement

To enable whisper announcements for specific phone numbers in your system, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create or Upload Recording

  • Navigate to the "Tools/Settings" section in your admin dashboard.

  • Select "Manage Recording" from the options provided.

  • Here, you can either create a new recording or upload an existing one. The recording should contain the location name announcement that you want to use for the whisper feature.

Learn more here: Manage Recordings

Step 2: Configure Whisper Settings

  • Proceed to the "Phone System" section in your admin dashboard.

  • Click on "Phone Numbers" to view the list of phone numbers in your system.

  • Locate the phone number for which you want to enable the whisper feature.

  • Under the "Action" tab, click on the eye icon (details) to access the phone number's settings.

  • Click "Advance Options."

  • In the Advanced Options menu, locate the setting labelled "Whisper" and set it to "Yes."

  • Next, specify the previously created/uploaded recording file containing the location name announcement as the whisper file.

  • Click Update to apply the settings.

Once you have completed these steps, the whisper announcement will be enabled for the specified phone number. When a call is received on this number, the system will play the configured whisper message before connecting the call, providing the recipient with additional context or information about the incoming call.

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