This is used to make announcements over the IP Phones. This feature allows you to create a 2-way call to any extension without requiring the called extension to answer the call. If the phone you’re calling supports intercom, the phone will typically play a sound, and answer the call in speaker mode.

This is good for broadcasting a message to one or more employees.

How Does Paging Work?

Dial the following on your phone to start a paging call:

  • *84(followed by extension number) - This will page the desired Extension number.

Setting Up

Most phones must be set up to allow for incoming intercom calls to be answered automatically. See below on how to set up the Yealink phones.

1. Log on to your phone’s web interface, by entering it’s IP in your web browser. The standard username and password is “admin”. 2. Go to: Accounts -> Account 1 -> Basic 3. Set “Auto Answer” to “Enable“ from the drop down menu. 4 . Click on “Confirm“.

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