Call Park

What is Call Park :

When your business experiences high call volume, it’s inevitable to put many customers on hold.

Call Park allows you to avoid such circumstances by parking your call in the cloud from a VOIP Phone, Mobile phone or softphone.

How to Park an Incoming Call :

When you have an incoming call on your Phone and you pick it up, the call has been answered. Now, to park this call, Press *9 on the keypad or the “call park” soft key on your phone.

The call gets assigned an extension where the is call parked and it is announced to the user 85xx(where xx is a number starting from 01 to 99)

How to Pick Up a Parked Call :

You can now go to any other Phone System or use the same Phone System to pick up and answer the Parked call.

To do this, dial *85xx and press the OK button. This will connect the user back to the same call.

For example, if your call was parked on extension 8501, then you will dial *8501 to pick it up.

Thus, ensuring that your customer’s needs are promptly taken care of without the hassle of being stuck in limbo listening to hold music.

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