GS Wave

Follow these steps to create a new extension and configure. To configure the SIP extension, you will need the following.

  1. Extension, Username, Domain and Password. Use an existing extension or create a new.

  2. iPhone or Android Phone.

  3. Download the Grandstream Wave from the App Store.

  4. iPhone or Android Phone.

  5. Configure the Phone app.

Create Extension

  • Login in your account. Go to Phone Numbers -> Users and Extensions.

  • Create a new Extension, Click on "Add New".

  • Fill the Form with Extension number (it must be new 3-5 digit numbers), Name, Last Name, and Email. Select the Company number. This will be the caller ID, when the extension dials outside.

  • Click on Create and the new user extension is ready to use. Password will be emailed to main admin email account.

  • You can get the domain from Tools/Settings -> Global settings and click on "Get Customer Domain".

  • You can see that the new extension is created in the portal.

Configuring the Grandstream Phone App

1.Download Grandstream Phone App for iPhone or Android.

2.Open the App and go to Settings.

3.Click on Account Settings and then click on (+) on top right.

4.Click on SIP Account

5.Configure SIP Account

  • Account Name: Choose any name or extension number. To explain, we used extension number 116.

  • SIP Server: This is your main account name. (All words should be in lowercase)

  • SIP User ID: Choose any extension number to configure. For example, 116.

  • SIP Authentication ID: Same as SIP User ID.

  • Password: Password that you received through email. Password must be hidden.

  • Voicemail User ID: Same as SIP User ID.

Once all the information is entered, click on in the top right corner

6.Go back to the account settings and your account should be configured. First, the dot will be Red and then it should turn Green.

If it doesn’t turn green after few seconds, please check your internet connection or SIP server/ password entered.

7.To make sure its configured with the phone system, dial your own extension and should hear the prompt, “Please enter you password”. Default voicemail password is same as extension.

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