Click to Call

Dialed directly from your CRM or Web page. Download chrom or firefox extension. Extension will convert all the phone numbers in clickable links to dial directly from your phone system.

Click to Call Extension

This is most flexible feature rich extension.

  • You can enable or disable for all the web site or specific web site.

  • Enable the extension only on CRM or specific web portal.

  • Login and log out from the extension.

  • Disable the extension with-out logging out.

  • Verification popup to avoid accidental dialing.

  • Identifies the phone number in 10 digit and 11 digit, Starting +, spaces and dashes.

Login the the plugin with your extension.

Extension to enable click to call from browser.

Once successfully logged in all the phone numbes in browser will be clickable links.

Click on the phone to dial out.

Dialout by clicking on the number.

First it will dial your phone extension and once you pick up the call it will dial the phone number.