Cebod Telecom

Call Queue

Call Queue gives you an ability to put the incoming calls in a queue to be responded by the next available agent. This way more calls are attended and less voicemails from missed calls.
To manage call queues directly from the phone system, use the following keys:
  • Join Call Queue– Dial * 51 and Enter Queue #of the queue to join on the prompt
  • Leave Call Queue– Dial * 52 and Enter Queue # on the prompt
  • Pickup Call Waiting in a Queue– Dial *53
You can set up Call Queues by logging into
Go to Manage Phone System -> Call Queues and click on Create New.
Enter the following details:
Only integer values are allowed in the Queue Name.
  • Enter Wrap up Time. This is the time you need for the agent to wrap up the last call.
Default Wrap up Time is 60 seconds.
  • You can turn Recording ON/OFF, it is optional.
Click on Add.